A Generation of Giving

“Recognizing the leader that watches over our soul” (Hebrews 13:17)


A letter from Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard

Based on Jesus’ call for unity among the Christian family of faith, unity of effort has been the motif of my bishopric based on (John 17:1-26), the three dimensional prayer of Jesus to His Father. He is not calling for organic unity, but spiritual unity, oneness in our doctrinal teaching from His Word. He prayed for Himself, His disciples, and the world.

By far, my under shepherding bishopric oversight for a generation here at Second Baptist Church Monrovia, California has been a labor of love producing consequential commentary among my congregants and society at large.

I have led my parish flock to be a positive, influential witness for the cause of the kingdom of God. The present kingdom is the rule and reign of Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit within the lives of the saints. My aim has been steadfast Bible-centered teaching, preaching His Word, and encouraging application of His Word in the lives of the saints.

The prophetic full gospel message concerning His conception, miracle birth, sinless life, vicarious death, bodily resurrection, glorious ascension, the birth of the holy church on Sunday at 6:00 a.m., in A.D. 30, His intercession in the lives of the saints, and His soon return for His saints, is the dominant theme in our parish church.

Christ Jesus assigned me to the under-shepherding bishopric at Second Baptist Church Monrovia, California, on January 1, 1974. February 18, 2014, marked my 57th year as a divinely called and commissioned clergyman.

Only those whom God the Holy Spirit has regenerated through Spirit-baptism, will submit to scripture as His Inerrant and Infallible Word. Unity and truth seem to pull in opposite direction. People often promote Christian unity at the expense of truth, or truth claims with no regard for the imperative righteous unity.

In John 17, Jesus prays to His Father, “Your Word is truth,” and also asks that those who have believed in Him would be one. Both are necessary.

Forty-years of celebrating the togetherness with my parish flock, the strong support of my wife, Lady Betty Gay Dillard, and our children: BaLinda Renee; Herbert Lee, (in heaven), Stephanie Jane, Brad Tirrell, Raven DeLandria and Devon Johnson and grandson Dylan LaRue, has shown me and the world around us that that God delights in unity.

Even now, we are (my parish church) unified in an effort to be biblical people with an ignited flame of a love and unity with joyful gratitude.

The coming love feast banquet will be the kick-off to be held on March 29, at Pacific Palms Resorts in La Puente, CA, followed by two sanctuary worship assembly celebrations on May 18th and 25th, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

The DIAKONOS who takes the helm of leadership in this celebration, fortified by an army of Bible-centered sanctified souls of my parish flock along with other congregants of the Christian faith, join with us in a joyful salute of my 57 years as a Christian clergyman and 40-year tenure as Bishop of Second Baptist Church, Monrovia. This thrusts me into the company of biblical leaders who led God’s people for 40 years, with the likes of Moses, David, Solomon and others.

With joy unspeakable and full of glory I sing His praises. At the head of my praise list is a grateful heart for the displayed proof of the Bible by a compelling behavior of my parish family.

Non-saints are only persuaded and convicted to let the Holy Bible, God’s eternal Word change their hearts and assures them that they can trust and rely on what Scripture says. Amen.

Until He Comes, I Am
Serving Christ Joyfully,
Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard
Parish Under-shepherd Soul-watcher

Jubilee Banquet Committee

Diakona Ministry