Adults Sunday Church School Classes

Mission Statement

“Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Ministry of Sunday School, strives to reach, teach, and win souls for unto Christ.”


The Ministry of Sunday School, at Second Baptist Evangelical Orthodox Church, is a vital part of the body of Christ. Sunday School is essential to Christians’ growth as they sojourn on planet earth. Everyone is encouraged to attend a class of his/her choice. The Superintendent and teachers are dedicated to teaching God’s Holy Word through Bible centered lessons from structured biblical curriculum.

Chosen Vessels - Chosen Vessels (Coed Ages 21 and over)

Standard Curriculum
Teachers: Diakona Tamara Lewis & Miss Tanisha McDonald

Challengers - (Coed Older Adults & Seniors)

Standard Curriculum
Trinity Teachers: Diakonos A. George Harrison & Chuck Williams, & Mr. Willis Meeks

Defenders of the Faith (Coed Adults & Older Adults)

Standard Curriculum
Trinity Teachers: Diakona Adrienne Hurst, Mrs. Pie McDonald, & Mother Ruby Dantzler

Relationship Class, with God and Family (Coed Young Adults, Older Adults, & Seniors)

Special Topic Structured Lessons
Teachers: Diakonos Robert and Jessie Anderson

Wisdom Seekers (Coed Young Adults & Older Adults)

Standard Curriculum
Trinity Teachers: Mrs. Samella Sibley-Dumas, Miss Kathleen Dantzler, &
Diakona George Lewis

Adults, Young Adults, & Seniors Catechism of Water Baptism.
(Ages 12 and Older)

Curriculum By: Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard
Teachers: Mrs. Nadine Harris & Ms. Stephanie Porter

Catechism of New Members Orientation Class
(Adults, Young Adults, & Seniors)
Curricula By: Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard

Class Description: The Catechism of New Members’ Orientation class is designed for those who join Second Baptist Church, Inc., seeking to become full-communicant members. After completion of the 13 lessons, New Member are awarded a Certificate of Completion and given the “Right-Hand-of-Fellowship,” making them full communicant members of Second Baptist Church. The lessons are designed to equip new members with the principles of God’s Word, and the church ordinances.

Trinity Leaders: Diakona Josephine Stokes, Director; Diakona Melva D. Hill, Co-Director; Diakona Robert Hamilton, Co-Director.
1. Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard, Lead Teacher
2. Diakona Ellen Clark
3. Diakona Ron Demps
4. Miss Stephanie Dillard
5. Diakona Robert Hamilton
6. Diakona James Ella Harvey
7. Diakona Melva D. Hill
8. Diakona Walker McDonald
9. Mrs. Ondrea Pointer
10. Ms. Vera Reeves
11. Diakona Josephine Stokes
12. Elder James Walker

Sunday School Substitute Teachers

1. Mrs. Donna Burke
2. Mrs. Emelbra LeBlanc-Redd
3. Ms. Lilie Tucker
4. Mrs. Brenda Walker

Sunday School Helpers

1. Diakona Rodney Bough
2. Trustee Bobby Laird
3. Ms. Velma Pratt
4. Diakona Oscar Woodard

Vsion Statement

“Studying to show ourselves approved by God as Servant who need not to be ashamed as we share the Word of God and win souls unto Christ” (II Timothy 2:15).
All Sunday School Classes fall under the Ministry of Christian Education. This Ministry is led by:

Administrative Leaders

Diakona Carrie Walker
Director of Christian Education

Dr. Precious Flemings
General Superintendent of Sunday School

Father John Thompson
Assistant Superintendent of Sunday School

Mrs. Donna Burke
Superintendent Liaison

Bishop Wm. LaRue Dillard
Dean of Students

Annual Events

•High Attendance Day & Bible Jeopardy, National Day of the Holy Bible. This annual event is held every year on the Third Sunday in April. Everyone is invited to attend.

•Sunday Church School Catechism and Promotion of Students