Parish Sheperd


Wm. LaRue Dillard, PhD was born on Thursday, March 19, 1936, in Suffolk, Virginia, the Son of Carrie Lee Dillard. He attended The public schools system of Suffolk, VA. and Brooklyn, NY.

William was Spirit-baptized on May 6, 1956, and divinely called, accepted, and commissioned to preach the Biblical Gospel during his tenure serving in the United States Air Force, in the field of Aeronautics.

After accepting his call to preach the Gospel on Sunday, February 18, 1957, I was permitted to preach my trial Sermonic Gospel Message on Friday, March 15, 1957. I was Licensed in 1959, and Ordained in 1965, by Dr. Edward Victor Hill, Sr. through the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Los Angeles, California.

I was blessed to matriculate in the following Divinity Schools: Life Pacific Bible College; American Bible Institute {including three months study in Egypt, Israel, and Greece}; Trinity Theological Seminary; and Hamilton University; He also graduated from the Air University Military Career field of Aeronautics---

From 1958, to the present I have served as presiding shepherd of Faith Christian Church, New Hampshire; Delmann Heights, Saint Timothy, and Second Baptist Churches, in California----

Our shepherding prelate has authored several books Including: “Invasion from Outer Space;” A Burning and Yearning in My Soul;” “Biblical Ancestry Voyage” {Black Characters in the Holy Bible}; “New Christians Bible Study Course;” “From Stagnation to Jubilation Spiritual Gift Discovery;” and others as well as Christian Syllabuses and Biblical Epistles----

Instructor National Baptist USA, Congress of Christian Education; Lead Symposiums at various Colleges, Universities, and Conferences across the United States; and preached the Gospel in Europe, East, West and South African Countries; and Conducted Revivals meetings throughout the USA; Presiding Episcopate Council of Bishops and Elders; I have served as Moderator Tri-County District Association and Executive Secretary, Western Baptist State Convention----

Bishop William LaRue and Lady Betty Gay Williams, of Sanford Fl, have weathered the storms on the matrimonial sea of life for more than three decades, and they have five children and one grand child. Our oldest son lives with the Lord.