Father's and Mother's Council

Father's Council

We, the Fathers’ Council are the senior men of Second Baptist Church appointed by Bishop Dillard to be Christian role models to our younger members. All Father must be seventy years of age and are selected by the Bishop because of our dedication and devotion to Jesus Christ, our Bishop, our church and especially to our younger members who need guidance and counseling from elder Christian saints.

We are to set great examples as Fathers by being obedient to God’s word, by attempting to live every day as Jesus has instructed us, which, includes fulfilling our duties of paying tithes and giving offering. We are to be available to the younger members and Bishop whenever needed.

We should let our light shine so that others can see the glory of God in us. We must also encourage our younger members to put God first in their lives. We are to be readily available to those who need Christian counseling, uplifting, help or encouragement whenever possible.

God, will always be the source of our lives.

Mother's Council

To study God's word more consistently for understanding and clarity. To assist our Bishop and First Lady as needed. To provide support to our Elders and their wives. To provide love and encourage to the Mothers of the church.To be an example in word and deed to the younger generation. To assist the needy as necessary.

Mother Mildred Cross

Mother Elaina Smith

Mother Geneva Spicer

Mother Lois Gaston

Mother Maylene Buckley

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Mother Shirley Tidwell