New Members Orientation Bible Study

Mission Statement: To anchor and ground new members in the word of God

Class Description: This class is for those persons who are newly joined members of Second Baptist Church Inc. Leadership:Diakona Josephine Stokes (Director) Diakona Melva B. Hill (Co-Director). Teachers: Bishop Wm. LaRue Dillard, Elder James Walker, Sister Ellen Clark, Deacon Robert Hamilton, Sister Mercedes Hervey, Brother Walter McDonald, Sister Nadine Harris, Brother Michael Pointer and Sister Ondrea Pointer

New Members Teachers

Ministry Leadership

Diakona Josephine Stokes
Phone: 323-291-4022
Diakona Melva D. Hill
Phone: 909-263-4780
Brother Walter McDonald

Elder James Walker

Deaconess James Ella Harvey

Ondrea Pointer

Felicia McFarland

Yulon Luyeye

Faye Kennedy

Nadine Harris

Deacon Robert Hamilton

Ellen Clark

Mercedese Hervey

Deaconess Thelma Jones

Danielle Townsend

Eric Johnson