United Ushers Ministry - Adults

Senior Board Leaders

Laura Bullock - President

Vera Frazier - 1st. Vice President

Johnny McLaurin - 2nd. Vice President

History of the United Ushers of Second Baptist Church

Since the early 1900’s Second Baptist Church ushers have been our official doorkeepers. They are servants in God’s house, who welcome people with a pleasant smile, direct them to seats and make them comfortable. The usher’s priority is to help the Pastor by keeping order during all worship services.

Historical records state that in the 1940’s President Lucretia Newton and Vice President Mary Bonner, established the tradition of having fundraisers to help the church meet its financial obligations. To make certain our ushers were properly trained and represented; Pastor G.G. Bailey empowered the Senior Board to supervise the Department’s calendars, finances and activities. Sister Newton had Second Baptist Ushers join the Union Ushers Board of California Southern District,Inc. This working relationship is still in effect. It resulted in Usher Anniversary Day at Second Baptist Church of Monrovia, a tradition for the last 62 years.

Vera Reeves

Toni Harris-Thompson

Adrienne Hurst

Bobby Laird

Cornell Meyers

David Allen

Brenda Lee

JoAnne Craig

Amos Price

Terri Hardy-Levine

Mildred Baber

Adele Davis

Lynn Causey

Vera Frazier

Larry Hayes

Mother Mary Bourne

Father Willie Cross

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