Mission Statement

The Mission of “secondbaptistmonrovia.org” is an outreach ministry by way of evangelizing the world through all electronic media at our disposal. We are an {evangelical orthodox} Christian Church of the Baptist Faith established in March 1902, here in Monrovia California. Our primary mission is to evangelize, worship God, with intent of serving Him by carrying out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, reaching out to the world with the Living Word of God’s love as revealed in His blessed Son, Jesus Christ, who is our crucified, bodily resurrected, exalted Lord Christ, and soon coming king to receive His church unto Himself.

We live a Christian life by precept and example to serve you in His same love and power, knowing He ever “lives and reign in the hearts of His own.” We accomplish our mission when making visible what is otherwise invisible. Giving one’s testimony is a good thing, but it is not evangelism. Testifying to the work of God in our lives bears witness to what Christ Jesus has done for us; it does not by itself give the content of the Gospel.

We must declare the message of eternal salvation through Christ is the responsibility of every Christian Acts 16:25-34. When we share the Gospel with you we are fulfilling the Great Commission.

For our congregants’ each worship assembly and reaching out with love to a visitor, by showing those who reach our website how Second Baptist Church of Monrovia, California faithfully and spiritually serve the risen Lord Jesus through the efforts of all of our ministries. And thus our site provides at least 2 things to those who visit; (1) a means by which our own members can be continually edified, and (2) opportunities for others to know us and come join in with us in every aspect of worship and praise either in person at our physical address or electronically on our site.

We then reflect what our church is; a vibrant, ever-growing, biblically grounded gathering of believers who met together not just to form an organization but establish a living organism, as a part of the worldwide body of Christ.
Are you away at college?
Sick and unable to come to church?
On Vacation?

If so, that doesn’t mean you have to miss a service. Click the link below and you can view service at 10:45 live.


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This is simply a supplement and not a meal replacement of coming a worshipping and fellowshipping in the house of the Lord .

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another especially now that the day of His return is near.
Hebrew 10:25

Commission Leadership