Children & Youth SUnday School Classes

“Studying to show ourselves approved unto God, as Servants who need not to be ashamed
as we share the Word of God, and win souls unto Christ” (I Timothy 2:15).

Preschool “God’s Little Helpers” (Ages 3-4)

UMI Curriculum
Teachers: Miss Regina Bradford & Miss Rochelle Bradford

Kindergarten/First Grade Class “God’s Little Ambassadors” (Ages 4-5)

UMI Curriculum
Teachers: Mrs. Stacy Thomas & Mrs. Hazzell Smith

Second/Third Grade Class “Treasures of God” (Ages 6-7)

UMI Curriculum
Trinity Teachers: Lady Betty Dillard, Mrs. Deborah Benson, Mrs. Diane Saleem

Fourth/Fifth Grade Class “God’s Little Producers,
Growing Christians” (Ages 7-9).

Teachers: Ms. Vaughn McClure & Mrs. Felicia Markham Dickson

Sixth Grade Class “Children of God” (Ages 10-11)

UMI Curriculum
Teachers: Diakona Larry Willis & Mr. Reginald Funchess

Class 7 “Christian Warriors” (Ages 11-12)

UMI Curriculum
Teachers: Diakona Valeria Burwell & Mrs. Glenda Phillips

Class 8 “Truth Seekers” (Ages 15-21)

Special Topic Structured Curriculum
Teachers: Diakonos Ron Husband & Joanne Brown-Craig

Class 14 Catechism of Children Baptism (Ages 6-12)

Curriculum by Bishop Dillard
Teachers: Ms. Felecia McFarland, Diakona Thelma Jones, & Helper, Ms. Cynthia Jones

Class 15 Catechism of Youths New Members’
“Teen Discovery” (Ages 12-18)

Curriculum by Bishop Dillard
Teachers: Trinity Plus. Mrs. Danielle Towels, Diakona Eric Johnson, Mrs. CaRetta Adkins, & Mr. John Northrup